Way Out Where The Children Play

Children have been a continual inspiration for my art making over the last decade. As a working mother, teacher and artist I am immersed with the inner and outer worlds of children. Their play, innocence and imaginings inform my practice through the evocation of emotions and nostalgic connections. 

Way Out Where The Children Play has grown out of my time spent with children who are located in remote areas. Their openness and willingness to give and trust speaks loudly. These drawings also represent the universal child, all children, always present in authenticity yet so far away in their imaginings.

My work is a fluid process where I allow images and memories to inform my immediate creative space. I avoid the organisation of ideas and logical relationships rather I work from a place of immediacy and emotion. 

During the last 6 years I have worked with large strips of Japanese rice paper and ink, among other media. The quick absorption and permanency of each mark forces a rawness of mark making which speaks my inner language most truthfully.

"Drawing is not merely a physics act...It is also a way of looking and seeing. You need to be able to see to draw. Genuine art will come out of something from you. I must do what comes out of me ". (Professor Albert Dharmasiri).

Opening Night Friday 19th February 2016
Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy, Melbourne

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