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Materials: Charcoal, white charcoal, acrylic paint, gesso, pastels, black ink. 

My daily exposure and observations of the ‘energetic’, ‘intuitive’ and ‘animated’ qualities of children continually inform my art making practice. 

I photographically document the everyday activities of children and aspire to convey their imaginings through drawing. My drawings aim to materialise the abstract and often inaccessible world of child play. 

My drawings have recorded the explorations and activities of children and have increasingly expressed a sense of their imaginary worlds. 

While charcoal and inks are my dominant media I have incorporated acrylic washes, coloured pastels and pencil. Coloured, painted ground assist with tonal gradation and spatial relationships, with black and white ink washes and charcoal applied. A great deal of rubbing back eliminates and subdues selected areas. Also gesso is often applied to further eliminate selected areas in an attempt to draw attention to other areas. Lastly coloured pastels are used to highlight and emphasise parts of a scene. 

The coloured grounds often include more than one colour. An essential technique for me is to ‘work the surface’ constantly by applying and eliminating, creating subtleties of line, tone and form. 
Essentially I engage with my own work on an emotive and intuitive level and so aim to show this through my mark making. While I envisage strong structural elements, where form and depth are a focus, I intend to convey a sense of ‘the moment’ and immediacy in my work.

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