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I Want My Mum To Come
Opening Night 21st August 2013
McGlade National Gallery, Australian Catholic University, Strathfield
Collaboration with Chidzey

Why Asylum Seekers?

Keith Chidzey and I have been meeting families in community detention since May 2011 with humanitarian Reverend John Jegasothy. Aesthetic expression provided by art disrupts patterns of perceptions in any social order; re-ordering naturalised modes of perception. 

Our aim of the exhibition is to demonstrate and acknowledge the affinity and sameness between us all, celebrating and acknowledging differences, establishing meaningful dialogue, and bridging gaps between communities. 

This is based on a core of mutual respect when collaborating with those with whom we meet, and with their permission, taking away insights and information that we can use within the exhibition. 

Through Reverend John Jegasothy we have been able to meet several families over the last 12 months. In addition we have also been fortunate enough to receive the very kind assistance and advice of people such as Margaret Piper, consultant and specialist in refugees and Paul Power, Chief Executive Officer of the Refugee Council of Australia, who are also very supportive of our initiative and planned exhibition. 


  • Art speaks more concisely than words about a common experience

  • Subjectivity, open-endedness, obscurity, ambiguity all offer precision to a unified voice – humanity

  • Creative acts are informed by the repertoire of memory, experience, cultural knowledge, which infiltrate the human psyche

  • Audience reception is the thread, which affirms and supports this universal dialogue. It is cyclical and self-perpetuating

  • An affinity exists between all of humanity through creative acts


Keith Chidzey

Who is this one they call Chidzey?

One cannot escape their past, and so I embrace it, with all its many allusions.


Chidzey's web site showcases many of the elements of his work over an extended period of time, with his blog providing a constant stream of challenging thoughts and insightful commentary. Please take the time to have a look.


Exhibition Opening Speech - Paul Power

The opening speech by Paul Power - this opening by Paul was quite inspiring and eye opening. We were very honoured to have Paul help us.

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