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Materials: Ink on Rice Paper
Opening Night Friday 19th February 2016
Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy, Melbourne
Group Show - Drawing
Title: Weeping Woman, 2013 (one of seven previously suspended works)

From the show "I Want My Mum to Come", McGlade National Gallery, Australian Catholic University, Strathfield. This exhibition was a collaboration with Keith Chidzey. We spent 2 years visiting and facilitating art classes for children and families in Villawood Detention Centre. Our show aimed to demonstrate and acknowledge the affinity and sameness between us all, celebrating and acknowledging differences, establishing meaningful dialogue, and bridging gaps between communities.


My use of black ink on sheer strips of rice paper evokes my personal response to these connections most honestly. The ink is applied quickly and intuitively using extended brushes of various sizes. The strips allow for the image to be suspended from the ceiling as an installation (which has numerous pieces accompanying it). The strips hang delicately and move gently, breaking up the image in a way which connotes the fragmentation and resilience of these lives.

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