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Insect Landscapes

Conceptually I have developed my interest in the imaginary world by using the landscape and insect life from the land to compose a series of digital images. These are comprised of composite imagery from Fowler’s Gap which convey a sense of ‘the other’, where insects inhabit space in a mystical and theatrical way. I have aimed for subtlety and ambiguity through the manipulation of subject matter and a sense of narrative. 

These images show moths and wasps soaring through dramatic skies in suspended animation. The later images are more abstract in terms of composition, close-up views of single insects within cropped scenes. These abstract views aimed to create an ambiguous relationship between figure and ground. 

I would like the ‘experience’ of place to be entered into by the viewer. The quiet and introspective experience of the land is a key influence on these images. 

Materials: Digital Media 
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